Rust In Peace Adventure Notes

Act 1: Opening the Peace Field

Characters go into the base with flashlights and gas masks looking for the crank which ends the Peace Field. Following the hallway around, the characters find the “off switch.” They turn the crank and the field goes down.

Act 2: Enter Simian

Once the characters have the Peace Field off, Simian begins to take control of the characters with minor illusions. When the characters start getting their shit together more and more, Simian attempts to turn the characters against each other by using illusions. Eventually, I think, it’s likely that the characters will get through the BS and find a way down to the hanger.

Act 3: Enter Asterion

As the characters chart their way down to the Peace Field, the outer doors are breached. The agent of the Asteri enters with men, guns, and drones.

Act 4: Seize and Control

At this point, the characters are going to have to navigate their ways between the illusions and the drones down to the hanger bay.

Act 5: Escape from Prime 8 labs

Showdown in the hanger.
Depending on how long the characters take, Simian gets more mechs. Otherwise, Simian gets between 0-2 lances.
If everyone is in the room, Simian sends them against each other.
If only the monkeys are in the room, Simian sends the characters after each other.
If the characters have found ways to stop the mental illusions, the hanger has automated defenses of some sort (defense drones and automated guns).

Rust In Peace Adventure Notes

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