Prime8 Facility

The characters arrive at the site of the Peace Field, an old shack in the middle of a dusty plain, all around dead trees. Even at a mile’s range out, electrical devices are problematic. The farm covers a much newer looking staircase going down about five floors into a tech, looking facility.


Dead Chimp Room

There is a room filled with dead chimps that is impossible to enter and actually has a chance of causing disease. This was a pen for holding animals. It is clear if someone goes in and checks shit out that someone set up an automated feeder but it must have run out of food months ago, right before the previous war began.

Cleaning Circlets

These are not operational when the Peace Field is on, but as soon as it goes off, they begin to sweep the major arteries. Using a combination of steam, fans, and an ultrasonics, they pretty much scrape enzymes and small dirt particles off the wall. Booth areas at major spoke/hub areas keep people clean of enzymes when they enter. Those infected with disease, for any reason, will set off an alarm but it doesn’t really matter as no one will come. It will, however, let Simian know who’s where.

Inner Chambers

The inner chambers will come alive when the Peace Field is turned off. Which means that code doors will lock and defenses, (fire extinguishers, mostly) will turn on. Code doors will need to be hacked.

Spinjitsu Chimp DNA Shit

Working labs have a number of features including centerfuges, computers that figure out data, and video trials. If the characters fuck around in a lab, they are treated to a video of a labtech “testing” Simian’s telekinetic power. The video does not show, however, anything. Simian has been using his mental illusions to

Prime8 Facility

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