Old Character Powers

Extra-Dimensional Movement

There are 3 extra-dimensions at present, hyperspace, Voigt-Space, and Cyberspace. Hyperspace corresponds to an alternate dimension in which locations have different distances from one another. Hyperspace generally involves A LOT of energy and is almost always represented by FTL Travel rather than Extra-Dimensional movement. Voigt-Space is space defined by different dimensions than Length, Width, Height, and Time. Again, it’s mostly for ships, but it corresponds to that sci-fi concept that there is another weird dimension out there that people can enter and use. See Warhammer 40k’s warp or Dreams in the Witch House by Lovecraft.

I’m toying with the idea of Cyberspace. I’m not sure how well it fits the campaign. I’m including it here as a matter of completeness. If we do include it, it will basically be the net from Cyberpunk…Tron-esque. Yeah.

Finally, there might be a fourth extra-dimension called Szell space that corresponds to psychic energy. This is real iffy though as none of the characters are currently Paths and so it seems superfluous, at this time, to fully develop it.

Old Character Powers

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