Mental Powers- Classes of Minds

Currently, there are four classes of minds: humans, robots, aliens, and animals.

The class of aliens brains, however, can be further subdivided in a galaxy filled with crazy aliens of all shapes and sizes. The Vo didn’t even recognize humans as sentient creatures after all. The aline mind class can be divided into four subcategories: humanoid aliens, hive aliens, true alien, and energy beings. A mental power that affects one can affect others at 3/4 effectiveness. When a character chooses ‘Alien’ as the class of mind affected by a mental power, the character should choose a specific alien type.

Humanoid minds tend to also be affected by mental powers which would otherwise effect humans. The same ratio stands. A power that affects humans affects humanoids at 75% of value (and vise versa). A humanoid alien is any alien that is basically humanoid and which basically has an intelligence similar to humans. Klingons, wookies, Dr. Who: all of these are humanoid aliens.

Hive aliens are aliens that do not have multiple intelligences, but a single consciousness cast across multiple bodies. Many hive aliens look like bugs, but they need not. In any case, mental powers that affect hive intelligence are significantly different than powers that affect humanoids.

True aliens are alien beings that emphasize their alien-ness. They are inscruitable in many ways to human intelligence. It may be that humans just have to take everyone else’s word for it that they are intelligent at all. In any case, their uncanniness is akin to madness to most mentalists (and may be even be dangerous).

Whatever the special effect for mental powers, chances are that they don’t translate well to creatures who have no brains at all. The universe is not without its share of beings of pure light or radiation or sonics or whatever.

Mental Powers- Classes of Minds

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