Five Ways to Get Character Equipment

Characters, as mechwarriors, start off with standard equipment that they carry around. This is anything that the character has reasonable access to: flashlights, crowbars, flares, stuff like that. Everyman Equipment includes a weapon, a communicator, a self-repairing flightsuit, and other pieces of equipment. Characters are limited in how much “Everyman Equipment” they are carrying by encumberance and common sense.

Some characters will, likely, want more equipment than that. Characters may pay points, as a perk, to get a collection of similar pieces of equipment like a collection of different kinds of guns, for instance. This is a good way for a character to have a special set of equipment that not everyone else will have.

Obviously, money can play a large part in a character’s ability to have equipment. A character with money can simply purchase it. Of course, money isn’t always as easy to use as one would like. The life of a mechwarrior is full of expenses. Keeping up a mech, paying for travel, and extravagances, saving up for retirement (and hospital bills). A mechwarrior’s life has a way of eating up his expenses. Still, there’s always a little left over to buy something nice. Money is also limited in that characters have to find someone to sell them the things they want to buy. Often Mechwarrior equipment is uncommon or even downright alien. Finding a dealer can sometimes require time a mechwarrior cannot necessarilly afford.

Equipment is also defined by a character’s skills. Characters are assumed to have standard equipment, within reason, to use their skills, and can even simmulate powers through skill rolls.

Lastly, characters who want even more control over what they are carrying may take an Equipment Pool. The pool, however, is limited by Characteristic and Power Maximums.

Five Ways to Get Character Equipment

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