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Rabbit Punches and Tyger Stripes (RPATS) is set in the far future in a high-tech galactic utopian society (PanGal). My goal with this campaign was to combine all of the sci fi elements we all love and to put them into one campaign setting realistically and without creating hoaky ridiculousness. Thus, RPATS has androids and aliens, super computers and fighting mecha, hive cities and badlands planets, space ships, lasers, the whole nine-yards.

Action in RPATS is meant to be gritty and quasi-realistic. Basically, firefights are deadly and standing out in the open during such a fight is really a bad idea. My goal is to make the game science fiction in the style of Aliens, where there are guns and crazy things like Androids (and one presumes aliens), but its not Niven or Doc Savage with people punching robots or teleportation devices everywhere you look. It’s the future, but people still should avoid getting shot.

Cockpit viewThe campaign is loosely based around mechwarrior. The characters play mercs in a galaxy where war is conducted as a business. Fighting parties cannot legally have mechanized armored forces and thus must make their case for war to PanGali when aggressive action is unavoidable. War is conducted by mercs who drive around giant mechanized soldiers (mechs). The characters play a merc company trying to make their living under the rule of PanGali while combatting alien threats and war machines.

Overall, the game is only partially devoted to fights between giant mecha. Mostly, the adventures are set around human conflict and exploration: exploring abandoned underground laboratories, repelling invaders from defense sattelites, finding a suitable fence for illegally salvaged parts, etc. Think Star Wars, Aliens, or Firefly but with mech combat.

We use 6th edition Hero System to play because three of the players are old Champions gurus, and one is a guru in training. If you are interested in seeing how a bunch of old-hack Champions guys put together a mechwarrior campaign in Hero System, there’s plenty to look at here. I recommend checking out the wiki sections on character creation or the characters tab.

Please click on the wiki tag above to see rules concerning character creation and game play as well as campaign information.

Rabbit Punches and Tyger Stripes

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