Oddball Rule Calls

Is seeing someone an attack? Does it (can it) activate a damage shield?

Short answer: no.
Long answer. Passive senses cannot even be detected so as far as “activating” something, the answer there has to be no. Of course, someone could get, “detect being looked at,” in which case, looking at something becomes more active and would be able to activate another power. In neither case will damage shield activate the power. Instead, the character should buy ‘trigger’ for the power (base the trigger on noticing the enhanced sense, whether it is active or not).

So, for instance, an Ansible Defense might have 12d6 dispel on Detect Ansible Signal with a trigger that it detects the Ansible Signal.

Whatever the case, the triggering target will have to be in range and will still need to be hit. In this way, it is significantly different than a damage shield.

Can My Mech Block Lasers

Short answer, yes. Same with plasma weapons, and whatever else is thrown at you.

Long answer: in order to block an attack, you have to have enough defense such that if the attack were to roll all 3’s, it would not affect the character. So, 10d6 rka: you have to have 30 resistant PD. Blocking ranged attacks always takes a -3 to OCV penalty.

Remote Control versus Missile

A number of powers work against remote controlled attacks. Others work against missiles. When is a missile a remote controlled attack? A missile is NOT a remote controlled attack unless it can has powers (particularly OCV bonuses) through a focus on the mech, or if it requires constant “transmit” contact to activate its powers. A missile is any attack that is defined as a missile in its special effect. Most weapons that have the limitations: physical manifestation and time delay are considered missiles.

Grabs, Foci, Allocation

A character may grab one foci, or two body areas. Body areas that are grabbed do not impede weapons from being used unless those weapons are restrainable or those weapons are allocated to the body area that has been grabbed. Foci that are grabbed can be disarmed. If a character is grabbed (two body areas are grabbed), they can be squeezed or thrown. If a character has the power Extra Limbs, they may do multiple attacks with grabs. They do not, however, get bonuses for this, nor can they grab more items than 1 foci or 2 body parts with a single grab. Characters without Extra Limbs, can attempt to grab two foci with a multiple attack. They cannot, however, grab four body parts. Grabs against foci are at -2. Grabs performed against body parts are not at any minus but gain no damage multiple if they choose to squeeze.

Oddball Rule Calls

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