Mech Weapon Familiarity

Mech Machine Guns Cost: 5
Mech Machine Guns Cost: 2

Conventional Weapons Cost: 5
Auto-Cannon (includes Augmented Loads)Cost: 2
Brawler Cannon (includes Augmented Loads) Cost: 2
Artillery Cost: 2
Mech Weapon, Flachette Cannon Cost: 2
Mines—needs to be moved to different weapons Group Cost: 2

Energy Guns Cost: 5
Energy Beam Weapons Cost: 2
Lasers Cost: 1
Real Laser Cost: 1
Pulse Laser Cost: 1
Remote Energy Manipulation Weapons Cost: 2
Mech Weapon, Quanta Disintegrator Cost: 1
ADS Heat Ray Cost: 1
Cosmic Energy Weapons Cost: 2
Focussed Microwave Emmitter Cost: 1
Weak Force Focus Cost: 1
Gamma Spray Cost: 1
High Energy Pulse Cost: 1
High Energy Ray Cost: 1
Magnetic Wave Guns Cost: 2
EMP Haze Weapons Cost: 1
Magnetized Particle Weapons Cost: 2
Plasma Gun Cost: 1
Fusion Cannon Cost: 1

Magnetic Weapons Cost: 5
Small Bore Cost: 2
Railgun Cost: 1
Gauss Gun Cost: 1
Mass Drivers (includes Augmented Loads) Cost: 2
Magnet Following Weapons Cost: 2
Panchinco Rain Cost: 1
Needle Cannon Cost: 1

Ball of Energy Weapons Cost: 5
Pop Cannon Cost: 1
Ion Cannon Cost: 2
Q Pock Launcher Cost: 1

Missiles Cost: 5
Short Range Missile Cost: 2
Medium Range Missile Cost: 2
Long Range Missile Cost: 2
Barrel Load Missile Launcher Cost: 1
Rockets Cost: 2

Hybrid Projectile Weapons Cost: 5
Magni-Load Short Charge Cost: 1
Anchor Charges Cost: 1
Crack Shot Cost: 1

Drone and Drone Control Weapons Cost: 5
Drone Deployment Cost: 2
Drone Control Weaponry Cost: 2
Repulsor Cannons Cost: 1

Mech Hand to Hand Weapons Cost: 5

Telecom Attack Cost: 2

Mech Weapon Familiarity

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