Mech Combat Streamlined

Feel Free to print this out and make notes for you specific mech

What follows is a step-by-step process of doing mech combat.

Step 1: Mech Tech

Make mech tech rolls (if damaged) for every power that has the “Mech Tech” limitation that you plan on using this round

Step 2: First Half Phase

Take 1/2 pha or 0 pha actions (like a half move, or talking with your allies)

Step 3: Determine Range

Either make another Half Pha non-attack (like another move) or Determine range penalty to target

Step 4: Perception Roll

Make Perception Roll with a targetting sense using whatever you can to offset range penalties. Most mechs have telescopic senses with both vision and radar.

Step 5: Choose attack

Choose attack and augmenting powers as appropriate. If the attack is a maneuver, take note of the effect on OCV and DCV.

Step 6: Assign levels

The mech has natural levels based on the success of Step 4. Other levels may apply as well based on the mech’s loadout.

Step 7: Take penalties

You will take penalties commonly based on range and/or whether you are targetting a part of the body. If you are targetting a focus, you are at -2 to hit.

Step 7: Roll to hit

Roll 3d6 and subtract your current OCV. If you miss, this ends your turn.

Step 8a: Effect

For weapons that do not lock-on (most attacks) or which lock-on with effect rolled, ROLL EFFECT

Step 8b: Lock on Effect

For weapons that lock on without effect, wait until the end of this pha or later segment and then roll effect.

Step 9: Record Damage

Your target takes note of effect. If a focus was targetted, the focus takes damage instead of the character. It may lose powers and/or be destroyed. If ablative defenses are used in defense, their activation roll is lowered (assuming damage is taken).

Mech Combat Streamlined

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