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  • CAT

    [[Comstar]] Ansible Technology allows for messages to be sent faster than light. This allows Comstar to maintain, what they call, the "Now" as a constant throughout the galaxy. More generally, C.A.T. is an interstellar Internet accessible everywhere …

  • Nanogen treatments

    [[Android Anatomy|Android anatomy]] piggy-backs nano-tech genetic manipulators on top of DNA material. Androids can download programs into their Nanogen to force physiological changes. These programs are called Nanogen treatments.

  • PanGal

    The Pan-Galactic Republic: a governing body overwhelmingly controlled by humans and responsible for regulating trade, individual rights, sovereinity claims, and contracts throughout the galaxy.

  • Android Anatomy

    Because construction of a human being is a legally tricky gray area, Scanhoov produces and clones Chimpanzees. However, the DNA of the monkey has been modified so as to accept Nano-genetic operators which, independent of the lifeform, transform the …

  • Pangali

    Colloquial name for Pan-Galactic. The name of the Tiger Brigade stems from this colloquialism.

  • Slang

    "Verse"- Universe "Jacket"- A Merc subcontractor. Generally, they wear jackets, uniforms, or badges of their parent company in order to indicate that they have planetary authority. "In World", "Out of World"- Planetside, outter space " …