Rabbit Punches and Tyger Stripes

First Adventure Salvage

You can get the following off the Chupa Cabra and the Locust.

Medium Lasers or 264 Active (common) or 176 (uncommon)
MGs or 141 (common) or 94 (uncommon)
Fast Mech (equipment) or 75 (common) or 50 (uncommon)
Extra Armor or 24 (common) or 15 (uncommon)
Fast Mech or 33 (common) or 23 (uncommon)
Summon Mid-level Drones or 116 (uncommon) or 77 (rare)
MG or 158 or 105 (uncommon)
Deflection and boost to OCV or 112 (common) or 75 (uncommon)
HRRP boosts (concealment and enhanced perception) or 47 (uncommon) or 32 (rare)

In order to cash in, however, you must first find a buyer.

You can trade the mechs in completely for 1050 Active (Uncommon) or rare for double cost.

Three Meetings and a Funeral

Principle players and places:

Asterion 5- planet
New Paris- shit hole city on Asterion 5
Jango Fink- Arm’s dealer
Clive Darro- Fink’s second-in-command, late Fink’s alternate identity
Moll Tanner- Clive/Jango’s girl
Blood Hawks- Bad guy mech lance
Sono Barb- Recon agent for the Blood Hawks
Vinit Garrotta- Leader of the Blood Hawks
Horace the Trash Man- Trash man hired by Clive/Jango

Act 1: The Funeral

Characters Learn: That Jango Fink isn’t Jango Fink.
Scene Ends: At the end of the funeral.

Stuff that happened

  • Characters faked being doctors looking for an outbreak to get into Jango’s funeral
  • The characters learn about the introduction of the imminent no-fly zone.
  • The Characters searched the shuttle that brought Jango to Asterion 5 and found that it had only one call made in flight to an apartment cube in New Paris.

Act 2: Being Followed

Characters Learn: The various situations around New Paris.
Scene Ends: Once the dropship gets attacked.

h4.Stuff that happened

  • Characters learn about Clive/Jango as the supply sergeant for Vestali (the name of the medium sized merc company he worked for, 3 companies of mechs).
  • Characters run into Horace the Trash Dealer who wants his money for the land barge he rented out to Clive/Jango.
  • characters learn that the Bloodhawks were pressuring Horace to give up Clive/Jango by following him to a meeting. Clive/Jango never showed. Clive/Jango’s apartment was empty.
  • Characters learn that Clive/Jango has utensils for making forged documents in his apartment.
  • The characters meet Delphin Mason. He expresses his opinions about the crimes.

Act 3: Dropship Attack

Characters Learn: That the Blood Hawks used the drop shops sensors to look for something. The characters capture Sono Barb
Scene Ends: When the characters defeat the guy hold up in the dropship and find his radio.

Stuff that happened

  • The party was split with Brody going with Horace and everyone else going back to the dropship.

Act 4: Chasing Down Moll

Characters Learn: ?
Scene Ends: When the characters follow Moll Jenkins into the wasteland

Stuff happened

  • A Blood Hawks ranger knocks Brody off of his jet bike and Moll speeds away only to be intercepted by a Locust.
  • The characters scramble in order to fight with the Hawks and defeat them in a prolonged mech battle.

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