Rabbit Punches and Tyger Stripes

Three Meetings and a Funeral

Principle players and places:

Asterion 5- planet
New Paris- shit hole city on Asterion 5
Jango Fink- Arm’s dealer
Clive Darro- Fink’s second-in-command, late Fink’s alternate identity
Moll Tanner- Clive/Jango’s girl
Blood Hawks- Bad guy mech lance
Sono Barb- Recon agent for the Blood Hawks
Vinit Garrotta- Leader of the Blood Hawks
Horace the Trash Man- Trash man hired by Clive/Jango

Act 1: The Funeral

Characters Learn: That Jango Fink isn’t Jango Fink.
Scene Ends: At the end of the funeral.

Stuff that happened

  • Characters faked being doctors looking for an outbreak to get into Jango’s funeral
  • The characters learn about the introduction of the imminent no-fly zone.
  • The Characters searched the shuttle that brought Jango to Asterion 5 and found that it had only one call made in flight to an apartment cube in New Paris.

Act 2: Being Followed

Characters Learn: The various situations around New Paris.
Scene Ends: Once the dropship gets attacked.

h4.Stuff that happened

  • Characters learn about Clive/Jango as the supply sergeant for Vestali (the name of the medium sized merc company he worked for, 3 companies of mechs).
  • Characters run into Horace the Trash Dealer who wants his money for the land barge he rented out to Clive/Jango.
  • characters learn that the Bloodhawks were pressuring Horace to give up Clive/Jango by following him to a meeting. Clive/Jango never showed. Clive/Jango’s apartment was empty.
  • Characters learn that Clive/Jango has utensils for making forged documents in his apartment.
  • The characters meet Delphin Mason. He expresses his opinions about the crimes.

Act 3: Dropship Attack

Characters Learn: That the Blood Hawks used the drop shops sensors to look for something. The characters capture Sono Barb
Scene Ends: When the characters defeat the guy hold up in the dropship and find his radio.

Stuff that happened

  • The party was split with Brody going with Horace and everyone else going back to the dropship.

Act 4: Chasing Down Moll

Characters Learn: ?
Scene Ends: When the characters follow Moll Jenkins into the wasteland

Stuff happened

  • A Blood Hawks ranger knocks Brody off of his jet bike and Moll speeds away only to be intercepted by a Locust.
  • The characters scramble in order to fight with the Hawks and defeat them in a prolonged mech battle.



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