Rabbit Punches and Tyger Stripes

Rust In Peace, part 2

In order to turn on the various pumps, the characters seperated. Keith and Eric stayed behind to watch security cameras and try to get the doors open from the computer side. Naka, Archimedes, Zorn, and Quallo each went for a different pump.

Naka going into his area found that he was not alone. Hearing something in the walls and seeing nothing there, he called out for help. Casey dropped what he was doing at the security cameras and came to offer help. Naka, moving forward, found the pump room and was attacked by a monkey.

While trying to rescue Naka, Casey begin moving forward through the service tunnels and also saw a monkey. The chimpanzee was trying to put something on one of the lab windows. Casey then blew the chimpanzee away, but whatever the Chimp put on the window, fire burst out from it as the lab’s integrity was lost.

When the lab’s fire died down, Casey continued on to save Naka though it was clear that the air was becoming thicker and thicker with haze from the various gasses all around.

Quallo disapeared in a hallway of fire with labs blowing up all around him. Flick sent robots down on ceiling tracks to spray anti-fire chemicals on the explosions, but then Quallo pretty much disapeared off the map.

Archimedes found his pump was pretty much problem free, as did Zorn, but coming out of their prospective pump rooms both had significant encounters. Archimedes came around the corner to find a Perceptor Droid floating at about shoulder height. Discovered, it raced away from him in escape. Archimedes gave chase.

Zorn found a dark hallway with chimp androids huddled over. He went a different direction and planted a bomb. He then found an android near a busted out pipe that was spraying a chemical fog. The two began to tussle just as archimedes found them. He unloaded with his heavy pistol at the chimp’s head and knocked it into the gas which, with the gunfire, had burst into flames. The noise attracted the other chimps and the characters ran into a nearby lab to escape.

By this time, Eric who was hearing all kinds of crap but not seeing anything left the lab



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