Rabbit Punches and Tyger Stripes

First Adventure Salvage

You can get the following off the Chupa Cabra and the Locust.

Medium Lasers or 264 Active (common) or 176 (uncommon)
MGs or 141 (common) or 94 (uncommon)
Fast Mech (equipment) or 75 (common) or 50 (uncommon)
Extra Armor or 24 (common) or 15 (uncommon)
Fast Mech or 33 (common) or 23 (uncommon)
Summon Mid-level Drones or 116 (uncommon) or 77 (rare)
MG or 158 or 105 (uncommon)
Deflection and boost to OCV or 112 (common) or 75 (uncommon)
HRRP boosts (concealment and enhanced perception) or 47 (uncommon) or 32 (rare)

In order to cash in, however, you must first find a buyer.

You can trade the mechs in completely for 1050 Active (Uncommon) or rare for double cost.



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